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We are a fully-accredited real estate school that offers quality online real estate prelicensing courses for brokers throughout the state of Illinois at the guaranteed lowest prices. The goal of our courses is not only to satisfy the state's educational requirements, but also prepare you to pass your state licensing examination on the first attempt. You can enroll through this website and start your courses today to be on your way to a career in real estate in no time! Please click below to learn more about our school and why we are the best choice for your real estate education.

Why Us

How It Works

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Step One:

Enroll in Courses 

On our website, locate which courses you are required to complete to get your real estate license. Registering for these classes can be done in as little as 3 minutes, and immediately after registering, you can begin your prelicensing education with our school.

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Step Two:

Complete the Courses With our School

Our courses have no set class times so they can be completed at a pace and schedule convenient for you. The course material can be accessed from any location and device with internet access. You can also contact your instructor for assistance with any questions you may have.

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Step Three:

Pass the State Exam and Get Your License

Following your prelicense education, you will need to take and pass a state licensing examination. Upon successful completion of the exam, you will be issued your license and can launch your career in the real estate industry.

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What to Expect From Our Courses

 24/7 Course Access

 Practice Exam Questions and Interactive Excercises

 Printable Materials

 Preparation to Pass the State Exam on First Attempt

 Progress Tracking

 Instructor Assistance


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